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Ride for FREE on May 20 – Pronto Cycle Share

We’re teaming up with Chipotle to celebrate Bike Everywhere Day by offering free 24-Hour Passes to the public on Friday, May 20*

Starting today, YOU can sign up to receive a promo code for 24-hours of unlimited short trips on May 20. Already a member? Great – share the love by telling your friends and colleagues!

How to Ride for Free on May 20

Register today to receive a free 24-Hour Access Pass code by email (thanks, Chipotle!). Then, on Friday, May 20, use that code at any Pronto station to rent a bike. Simply walk up to the kiosk, swipe your payment card, and enter your free pass code when prompted. For any additional trips during the 24-hour period, dip your credit card at the kiosk for validation and follow the directions! 

*A credit or debit card is required, as standard usage fees apply to to all trips over 30 minutes. Riders can take an unlimited number of rides of 30 minutes or less during the 24-hour ride period without charge. Helmets are available for rental at each station, or users can bring their own. Users are encouraged to keep rental helmets for the duration of their pass. This pass will expire at 11:59PM on May 20, 2016. If you need any help, you can reach us at 1-844-6-PRONTO (844-677-6686)  or more

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